Monday, October 19, 2009

mental health day

Jupiter and I are home today.

Since school started, Jupiter has had a hard time going to sleep on Sunday nights. Last night I was all excited because she fell asleep before 8pm, and I had wonderful thoughts about how rested and regulated she was going to be.

Big LOL.

She woke up before 1am. She finally went back to sleep somewhere around 4am. I tried laying in her bed with her, then not laying in her bed with her. I tried a Magic Tree House listening library CD. I tried getting her to rock herself. She read books for a half hour. She ate 1 and a half bananas. She wanted more food. I put on the radio. Finally she fell asleep. About an hour later, I fell asleep. Then an hour after that, I woke up and tried to figure out how to call out of my new department. Because NO WAY was I waking that child up. And I was only semi conscious. I left a message on someone's voicemail. Hi, Jupiter's not feeling well (kind of) and we were up most of the night (totally true) and I won't be in today.

Then I had the debate about sending her to school after she woke up at whatever time she woke up. Which would have been fine, I think. But I got to thinking that I honestly don't remember the last day we had to just stay home and veg out. Both of us. It sometimes feels like we've been going nonstop for a month. We may actually have been going non stop for a month. So we're both home today. Jupiter is alternating between playing, doing some work pages (writing and math), and sensory activities. Right now she's doing heaven knows what in the kitchen sink, invoving water, chopsticks, and a bag of animal crackers. We're going to have a quiet time this afternoon after her sheets come out of the dryer. We might bake some snickerdoodles. If the leaves dry out from all the rain (not snow) we may do some raking. It's a self prescribed low key day.

For both of us, in fact. While I was not sleeping I was thinking about how much I myself need a day at home. Still not liking the new job function at all. I have to go to work with people I don't know very well (after being in the same group for over six years) and who often don't get along with each other. I mess up a lot of stuff and people tell me all the time that I did something wrong and I have to fix it. Our computer system is still messed up and it creates even more stress. It's miserable and I have no desire whatsoever to be there.

Sounds very similar to trying to adjust to kindergarten, actually.

Someone wants to use the computer to use starfall, so I have to stop posting now. More later hopefully...

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Dia por Dia said...

Oh I do hope you enjoy your mental health day. My 5 year old is home today because of parent conferences and we are having some "quality time" in the midst of 2 older homeschoolers nicely doing their work and a toddler entertaining herself. Bliss! At least for today but I will take it when I can get it! :-)

P.S. Hope things improve at work.