Thursday, October 1, 2009

We're still alive

Not much free time this week. Well, that's not entirely true. I have spent large amounts of time in the operations center at my place of employment. Some of it waiting for files and work and transactions to upload. Some of it frantically processing work after it finally manages to arrive. We've had people on our floor pretty much around the clock. My department has been around until midnight for the last few nights. I, fortunately, am exempt from staying until midnight. I've only been working until 6 or 6:15 pm. Which gives me enough time to pick up Jupiter, bring her home, get her ready for bed, and read a few chapters of The Magic Tree House before she falls asleep.

Hopefully after this weekend we will be back to normal. I tried to explain to her how the computers have been broken and so it's taking extra time to do all our work, but I didn't like it because I didn't get to see her very much. She misunderstood me and thought I DID like it because I didn't get to see her very much. Then no matter how I explained that she misunderstood me (probably couldn't hear me over the rumble crumble car) she was convinced that I had really said I was happy because I didn't get to see her very much. Because she won't ever admit she's wrong. Sigh.

Tuesday night (I only had to work until 5pm that night) we flew to the pool for a quick swim so she could try to work through some of her sensory issues. It wasn't nearly enough. She bounced on her bouncy ball for an hour tonight, I hear. I love the pool (even if they keep that water so darn cool) because she HAS to hold on to me, as the water is over her head, so it promotes an extra level of contact she tends to avoid. And it just makes her happy.

Tomorrow is Friday. Jupiter is pretty exhausted and displaying some anxious behavior at school the last few days...and of course our systems conversion (or lack thereof) has done nothing to help with that. In one more week we have a holiday and an extra day can't come soon enough!

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Lisa said...

Well of course she won't admit she's wrong! :)

I'm totally with you on the pool.