Friday, May 7, 2010

Antiobiotic taken

We went back to the doctor's office today. We got a long acting antibiotic shot. When I called the office this morning the nurse didn't indicate that a long acting antiobiotic shot was an option. I asked if there was such a thing and she said she would check and call me back. I'm a little frightened to get the bill for this medication that I suspect the insurance won't want to pay for, given that my daughter's anxiety disorder and fear of oral medications if of course, entirely invented by me and not a reason to cover an alternate medication. But at least I didn't have to pay another co pay for the nurse visit.

The office was this close to being down one intake nurse though. She brought us into the exam room and informed Jupiter that since she wasn't willing to take her medicine, she was going to get two shots in her butt. (See above about the anxiety disorder diagnosis that I appear to have entirely invented.) Consequently terrifying Jupiter and making the whole thing MUCH more difficult than it needed to be. Then she left us alone so I could talk Jupiter down off the ledge and calm her. The next nurse who came in was, thankfully, much more sympathetic. She had been listening outside the door while I was talking Jupiter down. She let me do my thing when the kicking started and I was able to get her in a position where they were able to give her two simultaneous injections, so the two extra nurses didn't have to hold her down. Cause that would have been even worse. Then as soon as they were done injecting they all cleared the room in a flash so I could calm her again.

Then we left. No more ten days of oral medication. She was sulky about it until we were in the car and leaving. Then it was like we'd never been there. Except her butt and one leg are a little bit numb from the lydocaine she got along with the antibiotic. And as noisy as that five minutes was, I still think it's easier on us than the alternative.

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Ashley said...

I hate nurses like the first ones you describe... Medicine should never be punitive. Glad I was right and that you *could* get a long acting shot, and glad to be following you!