Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Today Jupiter wanted piggyback rides. She piggybacked out to the car when I picked her up. She piggybacked into the house when we got home. She piggybacked to the bathroom when she got ready for bed.

My mother thinks I was babying her because I allowed (and, if I may say so) encouraged the piggybacking.

However, I think I'm right. She initiated contact which didn't result in any pain being inflicted. I am SO going to encourage that. And given her dysregulation the last few weeks, I think she needs me to baby her a little bit. And if she's going to let me do it without fighting, I'm all for it.

Great night tonight, btw. Very calm.

We're reading The Trumpet of the Swan right now. One of my childhood favorites, which only requires a few quick modifications now and then when a word now has a different primary meaning than it did when the book was published.

Tonight we got to the part when Louis plays his trumpet in front of the Swan Boats in Boston. The boy on the swan boat said that Louis the swan reminded him of Louis Armstrong the trumpter.

About a minute later, Jupiter said, "That's why his (the swans) name is Louis! That's the whole reason..because he plays the trumpet like Louis Armstrong!"

She was quite pleased with herself for making the connection. (a couple weeks ago we read a Magic Tree House about Louis Armstrong. Unplanned evening reading theme.)

Tomorrow night Louis the Swan spends the night in the Ritz Carlton hotel in Boston. Jupiter will probably want a field trip. To the Swan Boats, yes. To the R/C..not overnight anyway.


Haleine said...

Yea! Field trip!

Lisa said...

My thoughts are that anytime our kids willingly do a bonding activity it's a win/win. Great job!

Love the Louis connection!