Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mean Bear Attack

Today about 4:10, Jupiter wanted ice cream.

She had already had a lollipop, so Mimi told her no ice cream. It was too close to time to go home and have supper.

And Mean Bear in all her glory was alive and well.

Blood sugar crashes are such fun. When I came in at 4:50, Jupiter was still mad. She was stuck in ice cream. She wanted ice cream and was furious that she didn't get it.

Of course she told me that she told Mimi she was hungry and Mimi wouldn't let her eat. Of course she was probably so busy being mad that she didn't hear Mimi offer to go to the kitchen with her and choose something else. Or the offer of the fruit bar. Or the offer of cooking her something to eat. She could have ice cream at home after supper, but at that time she had to choose a healthy snack. Jupiter had no interest in any type of snack that did not consist of ice cream.

So I put all her stuff in the car (front seat only, for those of you familiar with driving down the road dodging flying projectiles from the back seat) and went back and picked up Jupiter and hauled her out. She blew Mimi a raspberry on the way out the door.

Jupiter sulked all the way home. First thing when we got home, I made her a piece of peanut butter toast, and gave her her vitamins and omega-3's.

She ate the peanut butter toast. Then she gave me a big hug.

Mean Bear was back in hibernation.

Then she ate her soup and cucumber.

Then, I asked her if she wanted to call Mimi and apologize before she had her ice cream for dessert.

She did. While she was on the phone, I got out the ice cream.

There was one little bite of ice cream left. Very very little.

But she didn't get mad. She chose a cookie to go with her little bite of ice cream and was content. Maybe she ran out of energy to be mad.

She's asleep now. Hopefully she will sleep a little late in the morning since I don't have to go to work. She was up early this morning because she was cold.

Tomorrow we go to both the eye doctor and the orthdontist. We both have eye appointments. I hope my benny card is ready for a workout.

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