Monday, February 14, 2011

oh wait, I remember now

At least one thing. I don't think it was the only thing. But I checked facebook and somebody's post reminded me of something.

This morning I was (trying) to brush Jupiter's rat's nest out. She asked me (demanded) that I stop, but the words had barely left her mouth before she was slapping my hand away.

Thus, my attempt to explain how the human body processes things it hears. Step by step.

"First, Jupiter, you have to say the words. Then my ears have to hear the words. Then my brain has to understand the words. Then my brain has to send a message to my hands to stop brushing. Then my hands have to stop and move away. Not everybody does that as fast as you do." (okay, so I try to listen to ALL the words and not just the first half a word and then just jump in and decide that what I think heard was what was said. So it takes a little longer).

Jupiter's response to this explanation: "I hate your slow brain."

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Diana said...

LOL! Gotta love RAD...and ADHD...and the combination of both.