Sunday, February 13, 2011

Random Stream of semi consciousness

Random is one of Jupiter's new words. She also uses it an an adverb, as in randomly.

I worked an extra shift on Saturday for six hours, since Jupiter was going to the new ice capades (only people as old as I am remember when it was called the ice capades.) I decided to work the extra shift since the oil people came two and a half weeks ago and the delivery total was well in excess of $500. And my water heater is leaking....and my camera is broken. Excellent. So I'd planned on going in in the morning and working about six hours.

Then on Friday afternoon, they informed is that our special work that we do computer software would be going down at noon Saturday for a production upgrade. So that meant I had to drag myself in there at 6am. So Jupiter got to spend the night at Mimi's before they went to the new ice capades on Saturday.

The first three hours were okay. The second three hours consisited of me wondering why on earth time was moving so incredibly slowly, and was it noon yet?

And apparently I am still tired today. Jupiter was doing her reading for school tonight and my eyes kept closing. Through one lousy easy reader book. I did manage to wake up enough to finish reading her Judy Moody school library book so it could go back to school in the morning.

Though maybe my brain is fried by trying to do my taxes. The tax software program kept insisting I qualified for an adoption tax credit in the amount of $13,000 and something, and kept showing a $15,000 refund amount. Sadly, I knew this was not correct and spent an hour figuring out how to delete the adoption related form from my tax return. Jupiter's adoption was completed in 2005. And the government very kindly made the adoption credit fully refundable SIX years after that, so I can't even get the rest of my adoption tax credit I ended up never being able to take, because I ran out of the five year carry forward period before I'd claimed the whole credit. It figures.

It turns out my tax refund is less without the adoption credit though. Bummer.

Jupiter prefers basketball practice to actual basketball games. It turns out that basketball games are loud, especially when the kid behind you is screeching whenever the home team scores. So Jupiter melted, but didn't want to leave the gym. Which fortunately was when the called the youth basketball players to line up in the hallway to run into the gym for their show. Jupiter was crying and a gallon of snot was running down her face, and the school resource officer informed me I could go with her when she went to line up. I'm wondering if I was giving any impression that I was NOT planning to go with her, because he certainly wasn't going to stop me from going with her. Then she had getting lost anxiety, and we had to make a plan that I would stand RIGHT BY THE DOOR while she was in the gym and wait RIGHT BY THE DOOR WHERE SHE COULD SEE ME until she got back. Then she grabbed my coat sleeve and blew two gallons of snot onto it.

She did successfully run into the gym with the other kids and do the routine. As soon as she was in her spot she looked back to check I was where I said I would be, then she did her thing. Then the kids came back, and it was like she'd never been upset and told us all about how awesome she was at basketball and how much fun it was.

Today she practiced ballet moves all afternoon. Her ballet moves are definitely better than mine. She tried to do the exercise tape from the New York City Ballet, but gave it up because it made her muscles tired.


M.J. Fifield said...

Just thinking about an exercise tape from the NYC ballet makes my muscles tired.

matryoshka said...

But it won't yell at you when you skip it too many days in a row. Nor will it stay out too late the night before and miss your scheduled exersise time...