Wednesday, February 2, 2011

SHHHH....don't tell

I used our snow day productively this morning.

I even got a legal snow day. When I got up this morning at 6:45, I watched the weather forecast (symbolic, since I never would have made it on time if I HAD decided to go to work), then called my supervisor to tell her I wasn't coming to work.

She answered the phone and said she was just looking up my phone number. Then she asked where I was.

I told her I was at my house. She said not to come in, because the branches were closed and therefore we were closed too. I felt bad for the half a department that had already gone to work before they made that call. But hey.

That means I get paid storm time for today, and I don't have to use PTO. Which means I can still take all of Friday off like I was planning to, and not go to work to offset the time I used today.

Anyway, back to post topic. While Jupiter was on Starfall this morning, I was cleaning her room.

I snuck some of the stuff she doesn't play with out of her room and hid it in the bottom of the donation bag. I snuck the clothing labels and other stuff that she feels obligated to keep for some reason I just do not get into the bottom of the recycling and garbage bins. I think I say four times a week, ,"WE CAN'T KEEP EVERYTHING". I also threw away the broken plastic peace sign bead ropes that she tried to tie together so they got tangled up and broken. The ones that weren't broken I hung on her lap and curtain rods. I have to be sneaky, otherwise she follows me around and sneaks the stuff out of the donation or recycle or garbage bin so she can keep it.

My house is full. We can't keep EVERYTHING.

But she has a floor in her room. Who knew?


FaerieMama said...

Find your camera:) I want to see more photos:)

Dia por Dia said...

Hurray for PTO even if you have to deal with all that snow for it. Enjoy! I often have to do the sneaking toys out thing too!