Monday, June 15, 2009

After the Neuropsych

So last Friday, after the neuropsych appt, we went to do some errands since we were already in Portland. I needed to go to the library to return a book (somebody else has dibs on The Out of Sync Child has Fun , so I couldn't renew it.) and to get a new library card issued. We had the option of going to the small, very busy branch near the neuropsych's office, or the Children's Library branch on the other side of town. Since it's Portland, and normally it's possible to get to the other side of town in ten minutes, we decided to go to the Children's branch because we just like it better.

Just before the highway entrance, I decided not to take the highway and changed lanes. Just past the highway entrance, we went around a curve. From which I could see the freight train blocking the intersection. It's a one way street, so we sat and watch the train.

We had a conversation about how trains better for the environment than cars. (unless, possibly, the entire city is bisected by a train and there are 5000 idling cars by the railroad tracks.)

I read her a sign labeled "Diabetes Center." We had a conversation about diabetes, sugar, and insulin.

The train moved on. We drove past the park and for some reason went up the hill to Monument Square. Guess I forgot about the short way. At Monument Square we got stuck in construction traffic from the remodeling of the main library branch.

We had a conversation about the monument in the square. We talked about slavery and Abraham Lincoln.

We drove back down the hill by Whole Foods. We had a conversation about Jupiter's birthmother and why she couldn't keep Jupiter when she was a baby.

We went back up the hill on the East End. We got out of the car and walked into the library.

The power had just gone out. (which, if I had just taken the highway to begin with, woudln't have mattered, because we would already have been done at the library and on our way out.)
The librarians were checking people out by hand and writing down the info. But since I didn't have my card and needed a new one, that wasn't going to work for us.

We hung out for awhile and read a few books. Then I decided we should cut our losses and head back to the other branch library. So we got back in the car and got on the highway this time to head back accross town.

The other library is on a street with about 8 schools. At 3pm, the entire street is a school zone. So I took the highway an extra exit and backtracked towards the library.

We got stuck in some utility work construction the intersection before the library. We sat. And sat.

I love how, some days, God decides I need to practice patience.

Anyway, we made it to the busy branch library and they gave me a new library card. We picked out some new books. We were going to go to Target after, but I changed my mind because it was 4pm and we'd taken two hours to go to the library. But hey, we got ONE errand done. Who needs to go to Target and the bank, right?

Jupiter fell asleep in the car on the way home. I managed to stay awake.

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