Monday, June 15, 2009

Tooth Fairy Toofer

It's been an eventful day here in Rain. (I'm calling my state that until the sun manages to come out for more than 12 minutes. Totally unrelated to blog topic. Just venting.)

This afternoon I was Wiibowling and Jupiter was getting ready to play with her new Bratz dolls and Barbie horse. She asked me to put the bridle on the horse so while I was doing that, all of a sudden Jupiter was in tears. I hadn't heard her do anything and couldn't tell what had happened..then her mouth opened and there was a big old gap there. Her TWO bottom front teeth were gone. TWO!!! (The tooth fairy, btw, is SO not prepared for a lost tooth this week. To say nothing of TWO teeth. What's the going rate for that?) I couldn't figure out what she had done to lose the two teeth. I mean, I was RIGHT THERE. She didn't bang her head on was like she was just sitting there and the two teeth were gone.

She was pretty upset at first. There was a fair amount of blood and it was a little scary so she cried a little bit while we got the bleeding almost stopped and I gave her a freeze pop to finish it off. Now she's all over that and SO EXCITED that she lost TWO teeth. She can't wait to tell EVERYBODY.

(I'm excited too. I was actually HERE when she lost her first tooth. I DIDN'T MISS IT!!!!)

So far we've only managed to find one tooth. The other one is somewhere in the vicinity of the couch. The one she found was on the opposite end of the couch than what we had expected, so I don't know where the other one will turn up. The one we found is safely enclosed in a gladware container, since she was anxious to put it under her pillow and I couldn't deal with loosing it again. And I've been way too good at loosing things this month for comfort.

Her two top teeth were the ones that were actually wiggly. I hope we get a little time before those come out...I'm not ready yet. After we got the bleeding stopped, she wanted to go out and practice riding her two wheeler. But it started to rain again....which I was happy about at that moment. I could just see her losing her balance and knocking out the other two teeth and the tooth fairy would have to go get a payday loan (just kidding).

It turns out she was sitting on the couch and had one end of her stylish scarf in her mouth (let's say it together...IF IT'S NOT FOOD, IT DOESN'T GO IN YOUR MOUTH. I keep trying.) and moved too quickly so the other end of the scarf got caught on something and when she moved, out came the teeth.

Oh, now she's trying to get the cat interested in her lost teeth. the cat doesn't seem interested.

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