Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Last day of school

I sent Jupiter to school for three extra weeks. I wanted to send her all summer just to keep her in that mode, but it didn't happen. She does start sensory camp the week after next, so that will be something. But her heart is sad because she's going to miss her friends. And tomorrow she is going to make up a song to sing them on Friday when it's her last day.

The transition is a little tough. She's also extra tired, so seeing more of the spitting and hitting than I've seen in months, between the tiredness and school ending. I'm intrepreting it as a temporary regression and concentrating on getting us through it and to the other side.

CDS has scheduled Jupiter's IEP meeting for next week. On June 30th. Which is the very last day they could schedule it, because as of July 1st the new school year starts and Jupiter will be officially under the public school umbrella instead of early intervention. I understand this was partially because the neuropsych report was not complete until yesterday. (diagnoses..ADHD combined type and Anxiety disorder-not specified) Dr. P the neuropsych asked if there was going to be a school representative present at the meeting. The school representative who is legally supposed to be present, but the slight problem that school is now closed for the summer may cause logistical issues.

Tomorrow I have to leave Caseworker M a message (because heaven forbid your caseworker should actually TAKE a phone call) to see if she's invited anyone from the school to be present. Since the official notification I got from her did not include anybody from the school, I'm guessing she didn't. So I have four days to get SOMEBODY from the school to be there.


After the IEP meeting Jupiter and Mimi and I are going to the OT's to meet the OT and see the room before Sensory group starts. I told the OT if Jupiter didn't meet her ahead of time, Jupiter was not going to be willing to participate in the group. And for $225 out of pocket, I would really enjoy it if she were to participate in the group.

Hopefully going strawberry picking this weekend.....have to find an organic field because Jupiter eats every berry she picks.

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Lisa said...

I hear ya on the Grrr's. I've got some of my own coming soon to a blog near you.