Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The critical eye lady at Walmart

Jupiter is still dysregulated. Despite my best efforts, which at this moment appear to be perfectly lousy. She glared me right out the door this morning, because I wouldn't let her tear around the house and wake up the people who were still sleeping, so she could change out of the warm yet apparently non stylish clothes I dressed her in this morning. If it had been remotely warm enough, I probably would have put her in the car in a pull up this morning. However. She also informed me that I am never going to be in a fashion show. How very true. Can't argue with that one.

This afternoon we had to meet at the Hannaford parking lot because my sister was going from job one (the ceramic paint shop, which Jupiter normally loves and which normally puts her in a super mood when she gets to go there) too job two. Last night, I told Jupiter that when I picked her up, we would go to the store to look for earplugs or earmuffs for Friday night. We're invited to a basketball game Friday night with real live basketball players and Jupiter is very excited about going to see a real game. But I know the buzzer and squeeky shoes will drive her nuts.

So when I met my sister and Jupiter, the first words I got were "She's grumpy." She's exhausted..I can see it. Yet, I already said we could go to Walmart today. I have to follow through. I have to give her the chance, even though I can only guess how it's going to end.

23 minutes later we're in Walmart, and Jupiter is displaying all her defiance, with a dazzling array of side dishes. The older lady walking by gave me a look when Jupiter told me, "I'm going to bite you." The same lady was at the checkout counter when I was leading a crying Jupiter out of the store because I wouldn't give her one more chance to make a good choice. She'd had chances, she'd had warnings, and still. To her credit, she was trying to calm herself as we were leaving. Good thing, since we were walking by a policeman right about then.

I sat her down on a bench in the doorway to get her coat back on her. Or at least try. A Walmart checkout lady keeps giving me looks through the glass when Jupiter tries to scratch me one more time for good measure. I can almost hear her saying how I have no control over my child. I think how ironic it is that the county CDS office is just accross the parking lot. The very same CDS office whose staff have screened my child three times and have seen no need for my child to receive services. Since she can make a stack of blocks, hold a pencil correctly, and has good speech, she's all good. They just called me two days ago because Jupiter's latest school has referred her, yet again, to CDS. Am I interested in a screening? I tell them yes please, and tell them she has a file already. I'm waiting for them to call back. Again.

She's asleep now..and I am soon to follow. I am worn out. I am tired. Nothing I try right now seems to help. Tomorrow it's supposed to snow, and possibly even be above 20 degrees. My training class for work got cancelled because of the scheduled snow, so I will hopefully be home early, and maybe we can play outside for awhile before it gets dark.

Positive note of the day: In between bedtime battles, Jupiter let me give her nose kisses. We were very silly and giggly for all of two minutes. But they were two good peaceful happy minutes!

Now I'm going to read a chapter of BCLC before I go to sleep.


Torina said...

Oh, those days are still fresh in my mind. I never tell Tara anything in advance because that means she would totally sabotage it. I am surprised she hasn't thought of a way to sabotage my surgery yet. She still has 14 hours. Lots of time ;)

FaerieMama said...

I've had days like that at walmart...and target....and the supermarket and...and....

hippymummy said...

Oh, the joys of shopping with uncooperative child! It's heel. I've left just about every store you can think of in my time. I hate the way people look at you as if they could do so much better and you must be a terrible mammy if you can't 'control' your child. Hang in there, make noises, jump up and down and keep on at anyone who can help support your need to have her properly assessed. I know this sounds awful but how long can you carry on like this before you drive yourself into the ground? xXx

Diana said...

I'm fairly new to your blog and thought I'd pop in for a de-lurking session.

Oh yah, I've so been there and done this more than once. I even got reported to the police by a "concerned citizen" over one of the episodes. Nice. I have 2 RADical kids, so if it isn't one, all too frequently, it's the other acting up. It's a crazy ride.

Good luck with the assessment. Specifically ask them to assess adaptive functioning, social integration, emotional disturbance, and conduct disorders.