Thursday, January 8, 2009

Done with Salmon

Well, apparently Jupiter is also finished with the salmon bathroom tile.

She was getting out of the bath tonight, and decided to use the built in soap holder thing as a jungle gym type of thing. Except apparently the caulking job I did last fall was not as successful as I might have hoped, because she pulled out the built in soap holder thing, about 15 salmon tiles, and a bunch of wet wallboard.

She's okay..a little startled that the bathtub wall crumbled to pieces because she pulled on it. I assured her that this was not her fault. I knew the bathroom's day was coming. I just didn't really expect it to be today.

Good thing I never booked that trip to Florida. The most inconvenient part is the big hole in the shower wall. Which is currently sealed up with blue trash bag and 25 strips of packing tape. I now see the wisdom of having more than one bathroom in the house. I guess I'll be showering at the gym for awhile.

Today Jupiter went bouncing at the bouncy house place. It has a real name, but I don't remember it. They have a bunch of bouncy houses and slides, and Jupiter bounced and slid for two hours. In the afternoon I got a call on my cell phone. My sister B told me that Jupiter had a fever of 108. Which she quickly ammended to 100 POINT 8. A couple minutes later, I could breathe again. She's taken a couple tylenol meltaways (the only kind of pain reliever/fever reducer she is willing to take) and is okay at the moment.

So I have about six hours to sleep before the tylenol wears off. Hopefully that will be enough time to hatch a plan in my sleep to finance bathroom remodeling. Better start now!

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