Monday, January 12, 2009

Water in the pool

Yesterday, it snowed again. Big suprise there. After we got home from church and the Sunday School teacher/greeter meeting, I shoveled the driveway and Jupiter played outside in the snow. She created a "decoration" out of a piece of rope, a funnel, and a drainpipe connector and insisted that I hang it on the maple tree a little ways from the bird feeder.

Then we went to the pool at St Joseph's College. The late Harold Alfond gave lots of money to several Maine colleges and provided sports arenas and aquatic centers. So the pool is in a great facility just a few miles from my house. And Jupiter LOVES the water. Every time we go there, she gets in a giddy giggly mood for the first few minutes when she's in the water again. She can jump in the water to her heart's content, swim, splash, and just relax in the water. We can only go on Sundays because they don't have afternoon open swim during the week :( or I would take her more often. And yesterday she did fancy swimming!! I'm not sure when she learned to do that...she did frog kicks and backfloats and everything. But she is not interested in taking swimming lessons either...unless its the Polliwogs class where I can be in the water with her, but which she has already taken and completed four seperate times.

My favorite part of the pool, (well second favorite part, my absolute favorite part is hearing Jupiter's pure happy laugh when she first gets in the water) is the sauna. After we are done swimming and showering, we can go in the sauna for a few minutes and I can be totally and completely warm. Even my toes. If Jupiter wasn't with me, I'd probably pay the pool entrance fee just to go sit in the sauna for an hour. And of course, yesterday when I forgot and opened my eyes under water, she asked me if I would have to put my "eyetacks" back in. They do sometimes feel like eyetacks too...I think it's a much better name for them!!

Speaking of water, I've been checking out the Coco Key resort online. It's an indoor water park with slides and kiddy pools. Jupiter adored Aquaboggan this summer, so I have wondered if it would be a good place to take her for a day. The website hooked me, big suprise, with the promise of "every day is sunny and 84 degrees." Sold!!! I wonder if I could get a winter job there....a long commute but TOTALLY worth it!!!

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