Monday, January 5, 2009

Merry Christmas to Me

The day after Christmas, when we got home, I reached into the mailbox and pulled out a big stack of mail. I was surprised at first. I don't get much mail now that the credit card companies have stopped mailing something every three days and most of my utilities are not on paperless billing. Not automatic payment, just email billing instead of bill in the mailbox billing. And if Time Warner Cable didn't feel obligated to send me something I could sign up for every two days, I would probably never get mail. But anyway, December 26th, I pulled out the mail and there was a whole huge stack of it. I was curious. Then I saw what was in there, and I was giddy.

I got a big stack of seed catalogs. I do not have a huge yard. I do have some ground, and every year more and more of it gets turned over to plants. More garden, and less mowing. Heaven.

In the stack were three of my favorite seed catalogs. I always end up ordering way more seeds than I could ever plant. But I do it anyway. It's fun.

My most favorite seed catalog is Pine Tree Garden Seeds. One of the reasons they're my favorite is that they're two towns away from me. And if I call them and tell them I'm going to stop by at 2:30 on my way home from work, they will pull my order for me and let me pick it up to save the shipping charges. I'm sure they think I have some huge garden somewhere from all the seeds I order. It's so hard to choose between all my favorite varieties. And they have so many cool ones.

My other favorites are Seeds of Change. and The Cooks Garden . And I spent a few hours that weekend going through and circling everything I wanted to order. I will whittle it down to some extent. Probably on Wednesday, since garden seed selection is a favorite winter storm pastime of mine. And the next snowstorm is on track to arrive just for my birthday. Yet again, God shows a sense of humor.

I was going to write more, but Jupiter is having a difficult time settling down tonight. Her energy is up, despite playing baseball, bike riding, and snowshoeing outdoors today. I'm going to fall asleep at any moment, so hopefully she'll go to sleep before I finish brushing my teeth. She's insisting that she is NOT TIRED. Which is a big lie. She is OVERTIRED, which is not the same thing as NOT TIRED. If she lays still for two minutes, she'll fall asleep. And then, so will I.


FaerieMama said...

You'll have to give me some SEED advice then! I just put a garden down as one of my goals for 2009! I've never gardened before so I'm really nervous!

matryoshka said...

Last year was the first time I managed to have a remotely productive garden. Usually I just get some plants and then they die without producing a veg!! But when I can stay up late enough to do a long post, I will post a list of my favorite seeds/plants!!