Monday, January 19, 2009

No more Hole in the Wall

The Hole in the Wall is a thing of the past. My brother and brother in law very very kindly gave up ALL of their long weekend to come to my house and spend many many hours fixing my bathroom wall. And the vanity, which I thought would be an easy project as long as the other stuff was getting done. As it turned out, the vanity wasn't so easy.

But now, I have a nice thick white surround. The original salmon tub is still in place. Turns out, the tub is ceramic over cast iron (I had no idea. I never saw any cast iron so I just assumed it was something not iron) and weighs 600 pounds and is next to impossible to remove. So we just put a white surround around the salmon tub. Went to Home Depot on Saturday and checked out with three carts/trolleys etc...a whole parade at check out. On Sunday in the midst of a raging snowstorm we had to tie the surround we bought on Saturday on top of the car and bring it back to Home Depot because it had two broken pieces...and it wasn't going to fit as well as I had thought. We were over an hour in Home Depot making a better choice. A choice made somewhat longer because someone had opened a box and mixed up pieces of two different surround sets, so we thought it really wasn't the one that I wanted and it took a lot of time to determine which set was which and which was the one I really wanted. Which was the thickest one they had, incidenteally. Having a five year old who likes to pretend she is a monkey/gorilla/etc....I wasn't going for any of the cheap flimsy sets they sell. And why do they sell those?? I looked at one and decided that the plastic bags I had taped over the hole were thicker.
But anyway, I'm rambling. My contribution to the project, other than purchasing, was about 15 minutes of primer painting this morning...and yet I am exhausted. So is in no way qualified as a quiet, relaxing weekend, but she's handled it well. She had my sister's dogs to play with which she liked...Big the Giant German Sheperd, and Mischa, the hypervigilant Belgian Malinois. And today we went out in the snow for two hours. We disagreed somewhat about where an appropriate place for her to dig would be, since she likes to dig and put the snow back IN the driveway. Which doesn't work for me so much. She climbed snowplow mountains and a tree, and we walked up to the vacant house up the street and she rolled all the way down their driveway. After which she was much more relaxed. She ate her pizza supper at 3:40pm today, but it worked because she actually ATE her supper. Sometimes by the time I get her home and supper made, she's too tired to have any interest in supper whatsoever.

The bathroom still has some cosmetics to be completed. Painting, and the floor, primarily. My bathroom carpet still needs to be removed and replaced. It will happen...but I'm guessing I won't be ready to tackle that for a couple of weeks. I found it disorienting to have my house completely rearranged and I'm ready for a break. Back to work even sounds a little good.


Haleine said...

Hehe...Mischa the Hypervigilant Belgain Malinois...Oh, how true.

Brenda said...

Home repairs/renovating are so much work and such a mess, but so worth it when it is done! You have a lot of snow!