Monday, January 26, 2009

Future Nudists of America

My child is a future nudist.

Even though it's the depths of winter, and I don't remember the last time the thermometer went above freezing, Jupiter doesn't want to wear clothes. She does wear them to school and when we leave the house. But when we're home, she's generally running around in her underwear. At bedtime, she's wearing a pull up. As soon as she hits the blankets, she wants the pj's off.

She's pretty warm blooded, so the cold doesn't seem to bother her much. Every morning when I get her up, she whines about being cold though. She's just more comfortable in her own skin than anything else. I suppose it might be partly because her skin is dry, despite the lotion I slather on there semi regularly. It might be more regularly if I didn't have to chase her around the house to do it. I suppose it might also be because it's been so cold lately and we've been inside so much lately she's not even close to getting her sensory requirements, and just wearing the clothes is making her nuts. She has a couple of supersoft blankets that she likes to feel next to her skin. If it soothes her and relaxes her, it's all good.

I don't know how she does it. I had to wear long underwear under my clothes today before I could even contemplate going outside to start the car. (which I just remembered I haven't put in the garage yet. I have to go do that.) How she can be semi naked in January is beyond me. But it works for her, and therefore is better for both of us. She's asleep, and content. And at least, wearing a pull up.

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FaerieMama said...

haha...Anastasia is the EXACT same way! It drives me crazy bc she is a TEENAGER and everytime there is a knock at the door, I have to scoot her off to put some clothes on! Her favorite outfit? One of my really oversized tshirts and a pair of ratty underwear!