Thursday, January 20, 2011


I knew a day would come when attachment parenting would trump homework. That day is today. Jupiter's homework page is not done, and I am actually quite proud of that. We'll do it over the weekend, but we were not going to do it today.

Normally we don't do homework on Thursdays. We try to get it all done on Monday so by the end of the week we can focus on other things. However, there was no school Monday, Tuesday in the snow I forgot to pick up her backpack on the way out the door when I picked her up, and yesterday we did two worksheets. But that money counting one.....

Have I mentioned she hates money counting?

So she melted down when I ended homework time, but I did not get sucked into the vortex. Once we got past that meltdown, she was calm and ate a bowl of fried rice, had a shower and bath, and decided she wanted to sleep in my bed. I agreed. After we read a story she was asleep in ten minutes.


It's supposed to snow again tomorrow....maybe school will get cancelled and she'll have all weekend to finish the money counting.

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FaerieMama said...

I love that youre blogging daily. Its inspiring to me! I may not comment every day, but I'm reading! btw, I LOVE the AFTER photos of Jupiter's room!