Monday, January 31, 2011

Eating Day

Every once in awhile Jupiter has an eating day, where she pretty much eats nonstop all day long. Yesterday was that day.

She woke up around 6am, demanding oatmeal. I demanded that she eat the banana kept on her windowsill for the purpose of fulfilling a hunger pang. (note: she was up early again.)

Demanding that she eat the banana did not work.

I made oatmeal. I fed her oatmeal. In bed. She said she was going back to sleep.

She didn't. I did; briefly.

By 7am we were up for the day. At 8:30, she wanted more oatmeal.

At 10am she broke into the bag of pirate booty. I gave her a gladware container of pirate booty.

She ate two more containers of pirate booty after that. Now the bag is 1/3rd gone.

She went outside for 40 minutes.

She came in and ate half a can of dinosaurs.

She ate 5 chocolate covered pretzels.

She ate 1 and 1/2 kiwis.

She ate two pieces of peanut butter toast.

She ate 4 chicken nuggets.

She ate an oatmeal cookie.

Then she ate 1/2 a yogurt tube at bedtime, but couldn't finish it.

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Lisa said...

Maybe a growth spurt is coming on... :)