Sunday, January 30, 2011


So today, Mimi brought over Jupiter's food thermos. The one from Wednesday which she haden't been able to get open since. The one Jupiter put the apple juice in with the fried rice she didn't like because it tasted too much like rice. She didn't know if it was broken or if Jupiter just closed it with her super strong muscles.

I tried to open it. I banged it on the counter and then tried to open it. So I got a cheese spreader and tried to get it between the thermos lid and the metal side of the bottle to see if I could break the seal. Jupiter dragged Mimi to the living room to show off her cat. I got the lid a little looser, so kept working at it.

BOOOOOOOMMMMM! The lid exploded off the top of the thermos and flew accross the dining room. Scared me to death. Fortunately the lid was pointed at the farthest point possible, and not at my face, at Jupiter's face (where she normally would have been climbing all over me wanting to help) or the ceiling which would now have a giant hole in it.

I'm not quite sure what caused the thermos to create such a super vaccum seal. Unless Lina's apple juice and rice fermented into some kind of vaccum packed moonshine.

Lesson learned.


Hedgetoad said...

since both rice and apple juice are used to make alcohol, I would say that you fermented yourself some home brew!

Lisa said...

I'm thinking moonshine! :)