Saturday, January 29, 2011

Yesterday I woke up

Well, actually I woke up twice. I woke up at 4:30, realized I could sleep another hour, and buried the alarm clock under the pillow so it wouldn't wake up Jupiter when it went off.

It didn't.

I had forgotten to set the alarm entirely and woke up at 6:20.

Really, we should be OUT of the house at 6:20. At the very least, we should be leaving the house.

I skipped the shower (though I did brush my teeth and all the really important stuff). I went and poked Jupiter so she would wake up. She didn't.

I ran to the kitchen and tried to find Jupiter's lunchbox. No lunchbox. Maybe we left that at Mimi's yesterday. I threw her snacks and some clothes into a store bag (I used them for the cat box. But I used a clean one for Jupiter's clothes and food. No worries.). I threw them in the car, started the car, and went to get Jupiter.

She was awake. Not suprising, since I'd been running through the house like a herd of elephants.
We got in the car and drove to Mimi's house.

No lunchbox. No thermos for hot canned dinosaurs for lunch. I try to convince Jupiter to eat hot lunch. It's supposed to be pizza Friday.

Mimi pulled out a long retired lunchbox from I don't know when, and a thermos from last year which may or may not have been designed to keep hot food hot.

I cruised to work. Ten minutes late. Not too shabby for being up 50 minutes late.

At 10:30 I looked in the mirror and decided to wear my hat for the rest of the day.

At the end of the school day, the check out teacher delivered Jupiter to the room where Mimi was working that day. Jupiter did not have the lunchbox she had brought to school that day. She thought it was in the check out room. They trooped back to check out. The check out teacher appeared with Jupiter's regular lunchbox she had apparently left there the day before. Then they had to troop to Jupiter's regular classroom to retrieve the spare lunchbox.

One of the kindergarten teachers laughed in the hallway until she cried at the lunchbox saga.

Normally I'm glad that Jupiter won't touch hot lunch with a 50 foot pole. But some days, it would be convenient.

Today, Saturday morning, Jupiter was up at 5. AM.


Is it a defiant thing? I'm going to sleep when I can't sleep and wake up when I can sleep?

That must be it.


Haleine said...

You left out the most important detail...WHO WAS ON THE LUNCHBOX??

Was it Animaniacs? Because I've always wondered where that lunchbox went.

matryoshka said...

Nope. It was purple.