Wednesday, January 26, 2011

School calls

Yesterday, the school called twice. In one day.

But it wasn't bad. Not that my heartbeat doesn't start racing as soon as I see any number that ends 183- on my phone.

The first call, at 11:15, was from the school social worker. Jupiter has been making such good choices at school that she will graduate from the behavior check in/check out sheet on Friday. Jupiter is happy about this.

The next call came at 2:15. Jupiter had a vision screening and did not pass the distance vision part of the screening. The school nurse called to tell me in case Jupiter might be worried about it and not give me the form she was sending home. I like the school nurse. I hung up and called the eye doctor to add Jupiter to the appointment I'd made for myself two days before. Two specialist co-pays in the same day.

I got the form (Jupiter handed it over willingly. I'm not sure she was aware she did not pass the screening) and it said her vision was 20/50 in one eye and 20/60 in the other eye. I always figured when she put her face right down to the paper she was just blocking all the extraneous stimuli.

My uncorrected vision is 20/400. Just for perspective. Although the number of things I can do in the dark without bothering to turn on a light suprises me sometimes.

I can't imagine Jupiter with glasses. I can see her taking them on and off all. day. long. I can see her taking them off and spinning them in the air. I can see her throwing them in the air and catching them. But actually wearing them, I'm having a hard time envisioning.

Side note: I got my glasses in third grade. The first time we went to the ocean that summer, I looked out over the water and promptly asked my mother "When did they put that island out there?"

Update on hiding things in stores: I drove to work this morning and they were STILL asking that question. They almost NEVER run the same topic for two days in a row.

And for those commenters who feel bad because they have done this (:)) a man called who went to a big box hardware store during an ice storm and found a generator. He did not have enough money for the generator, so he made himself a nice sign that said "Motor Blown", went to the bank, got more money, and went back to get his generator he had hidden in plain sight.

I ask you: if you were going to look for a generator, why wouldn't you bring enough money with you to buy the generator? It's not like a generator is an impulse buy or something. You pretty much have to intend to buy one ahead of time.

And update two: the radio co-host who hid the purse in the store for three weeks is now planning to return the purse back to the store because it is not big enough.

I kid you not.

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Haleine said...

Back when I was working at the Store before The Store, we had one special night before Christmas when the employees were gifted with an 80% discount night and my boss was a jerk who wouldn't let anyone get anything they wanted out of the stockroom so me, being the rule breaker I am, decided to take down what people wanted and spent a couple of hours before our shopping event smuggling their items out of the stockroom and onto the sales floor, hiding them where no customers would be able to find them.