Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Survived the storm

Well, I managed to travel safely too and from work. The forecaster, of course, indicated we would get 5-9 inches of snow and it would fall mostly while I was at work. I drove to work in moderate snow.

Then the storm hit. We got the 9 inches during the first four hours of the storm. And it was still snowing.

I should have just stayed home. ( I felt bad because I called out during the last storm. Apparently I forgot that I have 280 hours of PTO for a reason. Like if it snows, stay home.) Like the 5 smart people in my department who didn't come in at all. The rest of us were stuck leaving early and driving home during the worst of the storm.

I got to Mimi's house to pick up Jupiter and couldn't get the car in the driveway because the wall of snow at the end of the driveway was about as tall as the car itself. So I parked on the street with the hazard lights on and climbed through the snowbank. Snow got in my boots. Jupiter grabbed her coat and ran outside through the snow drifts. Her cough which is beginning to sound bronchitisy will undoubtedly appreciate that.

The wall of snow in front of my own driveway wasn't quite as tall as Mimi's; but it was tall enough. I sent Jupiter in the house and Elmo helped me shovel the driveway. I had to run to retreive the car from the street when the town plow came through. If we actually get the town plow and not some dinky contracted plow, you know its a real storm.

But we're home now and safe. I'm still chilled from being outdoors. But I get a chill anytime it's under 50 degrees, so I'll probably live. Jupiter is going to have a warm shower and I am going to fill up the humidifier in her room. The snow is falling less heavily know (naturally. If I had stayed at work it would still be coming down at 2 inches an hour) but the wind is picking up. I'm glad to be home before dark.

Jupiter will probably have chicken noodle soup for supper (again) and I will finish my veggie harira soup I made on Sunday to go with the sourdough baugettes. We will finish reading Ramona Quimby, Age 8, and with any luck will go to bed early.

My super extra nice terrific snowblower owning neighbor (technically he has custody of two snowblowers AND a teenage son) is widening my driveway now. I am thankful.

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