Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mom, are you an innapropriate girl?

Apparently Jupiter (she of the "belly shirts are the best thing ever, and I don't get why Mom won't let me wear them") thought my shirt was too low while we were reading tonight. And it is evidently not okay for me to wear a tank top with built in shelf support in the privacy of my own home. Also evidently I was having a hot flash at the time, because ordinarily in January I am bundled up in multiple layers of clothing, hats and blankets.

Rates up there with the day I left one of Jupiter's sparkly gold headwraps on my desk at work and my boss glanced at it on the way by and thought it was a pair of thong underwear.

Yeah, Maria. That's for my 2nd job. It's called innapropriate girl. Don't worry, the thong I left on my desk is clean.

Nope. Not me. I am astoundingly boring.

Now I'm having a different kind of hot flash. It's called just finished shoveling my driveway in the light of the streetlamp after Jupiter went to sleep in the half hour window after the snow turns to freezing rain which means no more accumulation but before the 1/2 inch of ice accumulation makes the snow too heavy to move.

Jupiter didn't want to fall asleep last night and consequently was a mean bear most of the day. She was also up early this morning. She was in the orange zone at school and was only at school for four hours because of early dismissal. She argued with every. single. thing. I said. All day. Probably even when I wasn't there. So tonight, she got to go to bed early. Her cough is hanging tough. Now accompanied by a very runny nose. She doesn't notice when there are streams of mucus running down her face until someone reminds her. (Really, I do try. Haven't yet figured out how to get her to pay attention to that on a regular basis.) Now the skin under her nose is irritated and it makes her more grumpy.

Hopefully she sleeps. All night. And awakens in the morning magically cleansed of any cold germs.

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Lisa said...

Praying she sleeps tonight and tomorrow is much better.