Sunday, January 16, 2011

Medicine Battle

Well, now the melty strips don't work.

Here's the thing.

With a palate expander in place, a child is not capable of rubbing the roof of her mouth with her tongue. So if the melty strip is on the tongue, it's harder to disolve. If it happens to get stuck on the roof of her mouth, well.....let's just have an anxiety episode followed by a defiant refusal to swish water around to remove the melty strip. This is why I avoid giving her medicine at all costs.

I asked her if her ears hurt yesterday, which led to a discussion about if you go to the doctor for an ear infection, where do they give you the shot? I told her that normally, one does not get a shot for an ear infection. You get nice medicine that tastes like bubble gum and swallow it. I don't know where one gets an antibiotic injection for an ear infection.

I just threw away the ten melty strips left in the box. Which was completely stupid and didn't solve anything. But I had to do something. So there. Stupid melty strips.

I am coming down with the cold. Not sure if it's Jupiter's cold or the work cold, or a hybrid of both colds. Excellent. We went to the grocery store today in workout pants and pj's. And of course, saw someone from Jupiter's school. But she thought wearing pj's to the store was pretty cool.

We parked on the side of the building, so I let her push the cart by herself along the walkway in front of the store. She skipped along in her pj's pushing the cart, happy as a clam.

Can clams actually feel happiness? I am not sure. But Jupiter was happy as one, if they can.

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Haleine said...

Stupid melty strips. hahahahaha...