Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nighttime wakefulness

Jupiter was up last night. I wonder how she always pulls that off when I fell asleep late to begin with. She knows.

So anyway, she was up (for a reason she would prefer I not post in the blog, but it doesn't happen often anymore) and we got her changed and she got into bed with me. She didn't take too long to fall asleep.

Me on the other hand, then couldn't get back to sleep. Then I was awake early to keep the alarm from waking her up. If I had a dime for everytime I yawned at work today, I could probably pay for the new session of therapeutic riding which starts Saturday. (Invoice came in the mail today, but I am afraid to open it). Though the odds are good I would have yawned a lot anyway from sheer repetitiveness. In addition to repetitive, it is also demoralizing when I work very hard to clear over and above the required number of alerts each day, and then receive an team email stating that we are no where near reaching our goal. Believe me, I know. Fortunately they hired me, who will work as fast as humanely possible for absolutely no reward whatsover, just because I have an inborn work ethic which I can't override no matter how hard I try. When I die, is the fact I cleared 42 alerts in one day going to make any headlines? Will Jupiter care that I did that? Nope.

Well, let's just watch this post go off on a tangent. (See title. Here are the results). And I didn't really have any good post ideas anyway.

Jupiter had an excellent day at school again. Two in a row...tomorrow is a Wednesday half day so I'm optimistic about it too. She got lots of positive reinforcement for the completed and NEATLY done homework. WHOOHOOOO!

Weather notes: same as yesterday, less windy, more cloudy.

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