Saturday, January 15, 2011

Library Day

Today we went to the library.

I got books for myself that look really interesting. Which makes sense, of course. But normally, for that to happen, I go online, study the card catalogue and decide which books I want, and then place hold requests on them. Then the librarians go pull the books off the shelves and put them behind the circulation desk so I don't have to haul Jupiter all around the library while she demands to know when we will be leaving.

I should clarify. She loves the library. As long as it's the part of the library SHE is interested in.

This system of requesting books, while convenient, generally means I have nothing new to read for several weeks. Then three or four or five books come in all at one time and I have to decide which book to read first.

Sometimes being tired is my own fault, because I stay up too late reading instead of listening to my body (which I say to Jupiter how many times a day????) and going to sleep when I know I'm tired. Like last night, I stayed up late having a conversation with Elmo during which I maintained I will not call the head of the State of Maine by his proper title of Governor. Then I stayed up late reading the book I had already started. Then Jupiter had her 11:30 coughing spell and I went to lay down with her. Where I fell asleep.

So anyway, today we went to the branch library instead of the main branch. The catalog indicated Ramona and her Mother was on the shelf at the branch library. (I can't find my copy.) Right off I saw two interesting books. Jupiter picked up two chapter books and some kids graphic novel about somebody called Baby Mouse. I found the Ramona book. We chose a couple of easy reader books for Jupiter to read on her own.

Then we went to check out, and sitting on the circulation desk on display was another book that looked good (involved cooking). So I grabbed that one too. One of my goals for this year is to check out of the library with fewer than 22 books. Seriously, we've done that. Repeatedly. I'd love to know the patrons with the highest ciculation records. I bet I'm on that list.

But now I have to finish the book I've already started before I can read my three excellent library books. Guess I'll be up late again finishing that book.

BTW, I am posting late tonight because I had to start a batch of yogurt in the yogurt maker. Once the milk goes in the yogurt maker, it just sits there for 8 hours. Heating up a 1/2 gallon of milk to 180 degrees at a low heat, however, is not a quick process. Finally managed to make yogurt the consistency of greek yogurt this week. Mixed it with fresh strawberries and homemade museli and a little sugar. And spent this week at work waiting in anticipation for the 10:30 stretch break so I could eat yogurt. But the last time I started a batch of yogurt in the evening, I put it in too early, so I had to get up at 4am to turn OFF the yogurt maker. Not a problem tomorrow.

Jupiter would like it known that she read the entire kids graphic novel all to herself in one day. She is wicked proud, as we say here in Maine. Though, come to think of it, I don't think I've heard Jupiter use "wicked" in that context. As much as she does enjoy purposely throwing in an exaggerated Maine accent every now and again just for the look I give her.

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