Thursday, January 13, 2011


My child is addicted to candy.

As it turns out, while I was outside shoveling yesterday, she located the bag of leftover Halloween/Christmas candy that I had been meaning to take to work. She ate some candy, then hid the bag under her bed.

While we were doing bedtime reading, she indicated that her doll had fallen off the side of the bed. She leaned over the side of the bed to get the doll.

She also got two snack size Kit Kats. Wiggled around. Hid under the covers.

and ate two snack size Kit Kats. While I was right next to her. Without my knowledge.

Until I smelled the candy on her breath.

Just prior to the KitKats, she has finished a delmonte purple freeze pop because I tortured her with a purple cough melty strip, hoping she would sleep through the night without waking up coughing. I was hoping the grape freeze pop would make the purple melty strip flavor more tolerable.

This was after the little dish of ice cream I let her have after supper because she didn't have any during the day.

This morning, I found out that yesterday, Jupiter served herself a bowl of whip cream and chocolate syrup while Mimi was out shoveling. (Jupiter doesn't normally get to stay in by herself, but her cough is irritated by cold air.). Mimi didn't know about the chocolate syrup until late last night when she went to do the dishes. I told her to check the chocolate syrup bottle to see if there is any left in the bottle.

Last night, Jupiter couldn't fall asleep. I can't imagine it had anything to do with the 800 grams of sugar she ate yesterday. The cough wasn't helping either. I finally got her to sit with me in the rocking chair wrapped in a blanket until the cough settled down a little. Then she finally fell asleep, although it was after 9pm.

Today she didn't have desserts (with the exception of the chocolate chip oatmeal cookies I put in her lunch because of the oatmeal. And the flaxseed I put in with them.). And she didn't ask for desserts either.

The team at work is enjoying the Halloween/Christmas candy.

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Haleine said...

That kit kat move is very impressive. I'm at an age where I don't have to sneak candy and I'm still wowed by it.

My hats off to you, Jupiter.