Sunday, January 23, 2011

God bless warm water indoor pools


I always forget the look of pure joy that lights up my daughter's face the first two minutes of swimming. Especially after a months long hiatus from same.

She swam for about two hours and only gave it up because she had to go to the bathroom. Otherwise I think she would have stayed until they literally threw us out of the pool at 4:30.

And boy was she mellow tonight. Didn't even get mad at the money counting worksheet we finally got finished. And she asked to snuggle on the couch while we watched The Alaska Experiment. I'm not sure why she likes the Alaska Experiment. But hey.

Our free Y card is good for another week. How many times can we get back in the pool this week, I wonder?

God bless pools.


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Lisa said...

Amen is right!!! Things that work always deserve an "Amen!"