Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My girl is BAACK

Only at home though. School was fine. It's astounding how very quickly fatigue can affect her behavior choices. She had lots of mean voice for me tonight.

And I tried to cook supper. On the stove. More ambitious than the usual microwaved leftovers I usually do. I put water on to boil while I went to start Jupiter's shower. She wanted to take her shower by herself. Instead of giving her free reign with the shampoo bottles (because I need some in the morning) I put shampoo in one dixie cup, conditioner in another dixie cup, and showed her which bottle was the body wash.

Thank heavens she wanted to take the shower by herself (so not typical). I got back to the kitchen and found that I'd turned on the wrong burner, so that instead of a pot of boiling water I was melting three plastic spoons on my ceramic cooktop.

That smelled nice. Jupiter appeared half naked to ask what the smell was. I turned on the vent fan and opened the kitchen windows wide lest we die of plastic smell poisoning. Fortunately the kitchen didn't burn down. Made macaroni and cheese for me and chicken noodle soup and peanut butter toast for Jupiter (acceptable supper number one. She hates mac and cheese).

Hyouter appeared in the kitchen naked and dragged me back to the bathroom so I could "help" her get dressed. Then she decided she could do it herself and kicked me out. Then she decided she needed help. Then she crawled into bed and wanted to stay there, but I refused to spoon feed her soup in bed ( I did say if she wanted to stay in bed she could have the toast and her usual yogurt and banana). But she got up to eat some soup and half her toast.

Then we read. We're reading Ramona the Brave right now. Ramona doesn't like first grade either. Jupiter identifies with Ramona. She talked me into an extra chapter. I love story time. Sometimes I read for 45 minutes. She snuggles with me and we're generally not having any battles. What's not to like?

Anybody know how to get the remnants of plastic spoon off ceramic cooktop?

Maine weather: same as yesterday. And I thought the weather update would be interesting. HA HA HA

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Haleine said...

Well, I hear it might snow this weekend...that would be different.